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Early prototype of a game of alchemists. This game main features will be:

 *Interactivity with the environment: you will use materials from all over the world to use your alchemy

*The combat will be real time, with the liberty that you can move freely your arms, depending on how you use them you can inflict different conditions to the enemies

*Mysteries and puzzles: there will be mysteries all over the game and puzzles that will be solved using alchemy

*A complex blood system is being developed for the game, every body part has it's own blood bar and every body part will have special properties according to it's actual blood quantity. However if you lose all your blood from your head or chest, you die instantly

*A lot of vertical movement , with some climbing mechanics

*Interactivity with objects from around the world , a lot of objects can be used to solve puzzles and can be interacted in some way

*Big open world where all the action and mysteries will be located

*Physics for interaction in some things

*Two languages : English and Spanish

Alpha 0.3.5 available:


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