First devlog: game characteristics and objectives

The first demo is now available for download! If you wanna try it is a submission for the AGDG demo day 18 jam.  I´ve been in developing the game for two months and been enjoying it a lot. I have to say that I`m a novice in game development so sometimes I have some difficulties with the general advance, delaying a bit the progress.

Talking about the game:

I have many inspirations for the game, being Full Metal Alchemist the most obvious, for the gameplay I want this game to be based in exploration and fast paced action . The interaction with the scenary will be also important. I want the game to be non linear, like some kind of openworld like Terraria, where you can go wharever you want since the beginning and want to add many secrets inside the world. The use of alchemy will be extended to also puzzles in the world.

For the combat I want to make difficult surviving without the use of alchemy , but not impossible, as I want to make strong enemies that will also use alchemy. I want to make the players choose their own play style, rewarding in different forms the way their choice.

*The combat will be real time, with the liberty that you can move freely your weapons, depending on how you use them you can inflict different conditions to the enemies

*The use of alchemy will be extended around the world, from puzzles to bossfights vs other alchemists

*A complex blood system is being developed for the game, every body part has it's own blood bar and every body part will have special properties according to it's actual blood quantity. However if you lose all your blood from your head or chest, you die instantly

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