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This is  an AGDG demo day 18 entry.

First alpha of Project Alchemist, the game is very early in development, so expect a lot of bugs. This version isn`t as polished as I would have wanted but has some of the main features of the game. This alpha is very incomplete, the spear and the alchemy spike don´t do any damage. Basically the spear just works so you can climb it.

This alpha includes:

- A little level with spider enemies

- Use rocks to make spears that you can climb

- A very early combat, it has many bugs , and can cause crash sometimes

It is very recommended to use a game pad, since there are much button combinations to perform actions

If you use mouse and keyboard, the use of alchemy is different, since for some reason in Godot when pressing a key, the mouse stops its movement, so you need to activate it first and then use it( with game pad, you need to have the button pressed). Edit: apparently this problem is just from my pc and not a Godot problem.

As I haven´t programmed the recovery system, there´s no way to cure the bleeding in this alpha, if you get the player to bleed his head or his chest and don´t want him to day, you can press the triangle action button( W on the keyboard ), to recover 10 percent of blood for each body part.

Also if you impale an spider, you need to press the square action button( A on the keyboard ) to free your sword from it

As there as no animations yet, to climb you need to move up your arms manually with the combat mode.

This alpha may not be a good representation of the final quality this product is pointing to reach. 

Music made with cgMusic.

Any feedback or comment would be appreciated. If you want to know more about the game, you can visit this game main´s page.

EDIT: Readme

I saw a game play by AWK and realized that the alpha is not very clear about the controls. Here will clarify some aspects so that if someone plays the alpha has a more clear vision of how to play:

* In the menu you can select a sword or a shield, selecting the same for the two arms is not recommended since I haven´t programmed the quantity yet, and it has a bug that makes the weapon to duplicate itself endlessly , slowing the performance of the game.

*  To climb you need to move the arms up in the combat mode, and then in a climbable edge press the climb button to climb.

* In the part with the rocks and the wall, you need to center energy around the rocks using alchemy mode button with the right arm cursor on the rocks, with that you have material that you can use to appear spears and spikes if you select them in the alchemy action buttons.

* The spears can be thrown using L2 / LT while maintaining the action button you used to appear them. When they are nailed in the wall, you can climb them from the back part.

* Important: in this alpha the impalement is the thing that causes a lot of bugs, if you impale a spider use the A / Square / X button to free the sword from it.

Next time I will be more clear in game about it, I´m sorry about this, but the game is really early in development and the reason this alpha is so buggy, is because I didn´t had enough time to polish it enough for the deadline of the Demo day,  but I´m sure that the next alpha will be much better and most bugs will be fixed. 

EDIT2: Windowed version

As I haven´t programmed an option to quit the full screen, I uploaded a windowed version( Windows only )

Also here´s the controls for the alpha: 

Move = Arrow keys / Dpad / Dpad

Jump = Z / X / A

Pause / menu = Enter / Options / Start

Combat mode = Ctrl / Touch pad / Select

Move right arm( Only on combat mode ) = Mouse / Right analog / Right analog

Move left arm( Only on combat mode ) = Numpad [ 8 - 4 - 2 - 6 ] / Left analog / Left Analog

Alchemy mode( Hold )= F / L1 / LB

Climb = Space / R1 / RB

Restore blood = W / Triangle / Y

Alchemy action( Only on alchemy mode ) = Left click / L2 / LT

Alchemy store( Only on alchemy mode and currently only with rocks )= Right click / R2 / RT

Alchemy equipped actions( Selected in the menu ):

W / Triangle / Y

A / Square / X

D / Circle / B


Project Alchemist Alpha 0.01 Windows 64.rar 44 MB
Project Alchemist Alpha 0.01 Windows 32.rar 43 MB
Project Alchemist Alpha 0.01 Mac.zip 59 MB
Project Alchemist Alpha 0.01 Linux.rar 46 MB
Project Alchemist Alpha 0.01 windowed.rar 44 MB

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